Nature & its beauty

Nature & its beauty

When you think of nature what do you think of? Maybe a sunset, possible a mountain or even a puppy. The most beautiful aspect of nature is the fact it exist and we need to protect its existence if we plan on passing the beauty on to the next generation.

Stop for a moment and realize, absorb the beauty of nature. Yes, we need the functionality of the rain but think about the smell of fresh cool rain on a hot summer day, what a glorious smell the rain produces. Listen to the drops of water as they splash upon the ground; remember that without rain we do not exist. Nature is indeed spectacular and it is our responsibility to keep nature beautiful.

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  1. coz all ur blessing and ur support i have came up to this level thank you very much dai i always have n will have respect on u for every inspiring advice suggestion support related to photography as well in life ….. thank you so much

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